“When we first approached Leo & Bill we were in the early stages and hadn’t even decided on a name yet. Right from the beginning Superwire were able to work closely with us, bringing in bespoke teams for every aspect of the project so that our brand reflected our vision but also remained sympathetic to the building and local area. The hand drawn artwork that’s been created for us has been hugely popular and continues to draw amazing feedback” —  Toby Aldenhoven, Proprietor

We were really excited when Toby first came to Superwire and asked us to get involved in his project. We could instantly see that it was much more than just branding and a website and quickly set about putting a team together for him from our close network. The team included sign painters, illustrators, interior designers and marketing strategists all of whom worked closely with us throughout the project to deliver a distinctive and personable brand for our new favourite diner.

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