Location House

Location house has an enviable portfolio of highly unique buildings across the capital that are available for bespoke events and parties.

After an initial consultation with their client they quickly draw up a shortlist of spaces that match the specific requirements. Once the final selection has been made the space is transformed into a memorable, tailor-made branded venue.


  • Back-end programming
  • CMS integration
  • Creative design
  • Experience design


Our Approach

Location House needed a dual-purpose, responsive website that acted as a slick brochure for their clients and also as a sophisticated search tool for staff members that were tasked with tracking down a unique event space.

Location House could search a detailed database that can return specific, targetted results

On the main public site clients are able to browse a sample list of venue types. Behind the scenes Location House staff can perfom a more detailed search against the venues database to return specific search results based on multiple criteria and filters. Once a shortlist is drawn up, this can be securely sent to the prospective client for review.