The Pheasant
Freehouse & Hotel

The Pheasant Inn, formerly a traditional drovers inn in Berkshire is now a stylish destination retreat with luxury rooms, fine modern cuisine and an extensive bar.

The transformation was orchestrated by Jack Greenall and this was his first venture into the hospitality business so it was critical that the branding and website matched his ambitions for the pub.


  • Branding
  • Creative design
  • Front-end responsive development
  • Printed collateral



Our Approach

For the branding we worked closely with illustrator Emily Robertson to produce a beautiful watercolour textured pheasant head illustration that we could use as part of the identity but also as a stand alone element that can be placed on clothing and beer pumps.

We worked with illustrator Emily Robertson to produce a beautiful watercolour pheasant

The website had to work as a slick online brochure that quickly gives the strongest possible impression of The Pheasant so that people can book rooms and tables with confidence. To achieve this we organised a comprehensive photoshoot that was paired with informative and engaging copy allowing visitors to the site to find out as much or as little as they liked. 

Superwire understood our concept and quickly set about devising a creative strategy for our logo, website and marketing material. The new branding exceeded expectations and has proven hugely popular with our new and old clientele.

Jack Greenhall Business owner